Caroline Davis

I initially got involved with the Boxted Running Committee as I thought it was a great way to bring the community together and help people get fit in the fresh air!  It really is amazing to see the transformation of some of our runners and probably more importantly how people enjoy getting together and running – whether it be to race competitively and push themselves or just for the sheer enjoyment of running with friends.

On the Committe  I organise committee club meetings, prepare agendas, take minutes, type these up and distribute accordingly to either the club committee or the 10K steering group committee, I manage and record all inward and outward club correspondence, making sure necessary actions are followed up and communicate any important matters from England Athletics to the club; and manage legal and insurance matters.

Why do I run?   For me, getting into running was quite a turning point.  Some years ago I struggled quite badly with my mental health and running for me was just the outlet I needed to start to feel positive again and commence my road to recovery.  This is why I still run and will continue to do so.  Most people know me and know that I am not especially competitive but I do like to challenge myself to the odd 10K and keep up my fitness but the main reason is the feeling of well being I have after a 5K – being able to clear my head, enjoy the company of others and feel good for the rest of the day is just the ticket.