Boxted Express – Coming soon to a Boxted Runners session this Autumn

How The Boxted Express Works

The number of runners should be at least eight, although the more runners participating, the better the workout.

The total distance will be about 5km. We start out by each runner selecting a partner of similar ability and after a 5 minute warm up the team gets into double file. The order of the running pairs doesn’t matter as they will all be running the same pace.

The train will always run at a comfortable pace for all runners in the session. Remember, the main part of the workout is in the pick-up phase, not the slow running phase.

The coach will blow a whistle every time they want the runners at the back to move to the front, the runners at the back then run (at a quicker pace) to the front of the line and settle in at the required pace. This continues throughout the session, each time with a new running pair at the back.

It is designed as a fun, Fartlek style training session for all abilities.