Injuries and Falls

We recognise no matter how careful you are; accidents or falls are always possible, especially given the uneven terrain on which we often run. Individual runners are responsible for their own safety; however we hope that members will adopt the following guidelines – at least on club runs or other organised events – to help us maintain a responsible and considerate environment for everyone whilst ensuring we assist those who suffer injury:

  • Mobile phones – Members are encouraged to carry mobile phones during a run, although we know in the Boxted Area the signal is intermittent
  • Look after each other – If a member falls, notify the Run Leader, the nearest two runners should stop to help and if the injured runner is unable to continue, one member should remain with them until assistance is provided. If possible, a call should be made to a friend who can collect the injured party or 999, depending on the severity
  • Seek alternative help – If no phone is available or reception unavailable, the second runner should continue back to the club with the rest of the group, or a nearby house and seek assistance
  • Report it – All Major injuries that require medical attention must be recorded on the UKA Accident and Incident Report Form and returned to a club committee member within 7 days.
    • Any fracture, other than to the fingers, thumbs or toes
    • Dislocation of the shoulder, hip knee or spine
    • Any injury resulting from an electric shock
    • Loss of sight (whether temporary or permanent)
    • Any burn
    • All head injuries
    • Any injury leading to unconsciousness or requiring resuscitation

Running Safely at Night

During the winter we run at night along the roads of Colchester, where we can encounter all sorts of hazards, including the odd wheelie bin! Here are some tips on how to run safely. We recommend you:

  • Wear high visibility clothing and chest / head light when running at night – Be as visible as possible. Drivers need to see you, especially when you’re crossing the road or running in the road. At night wear light-coloured clothing and something reflective. We recommend you wear a reflective bib and a head or chest light. If you like, wear reflective arm or ankle bands.
  • Run on the pavement as far as possible – OK, we know pavements around Boxted are few and far between, and when they are available, there are kerbs to negotiate, potholes, street furniture and wheelie bins to watch out for. Some runners are tempted to run in the road to avoid these and to get a smoother run without the risk of tripping or injuring themselves, but we recommend that if there is a pavement available for you to run on you should run on it. Where you do have to run in the road, be sensible. The club’s winter run in Boxted includes whole runs where there are no pavements at all. Keep an eye out for traffic and stick to the side of the road facing the oncoming traffic if possible. Take care when crossing roads
  • Look carefully, especially in dark, rainy conditions – Give way to motor vehicles – don’t assume they have seen you.
    • Give way to walkers when running on pavements
  • Be courteous when coming up to people walking along pavements – Slow down and give them a wide berth.
  • Whatever you do, run legally and observe the Highway Code – Always, adhere to the Highway Code and be sensitive to the needs of other users of the public highway. This is primarily for your safety but also important for the reputation of the club. Our ability to run unhindered around Oxted depends on the goodwill of the residents who live there and who walk its pavements and drive their vehicles on its roads.
  • Use your common sense and act with courtesy to other road users