Club Standards

The 6 recognised race distances that qualify for the Boxted Runners Club Standards are: Marathon, Half Marathon, 10 Miles, 10K, 5 Miles and 5K.

Age is calculated as your age on the day of the race.

A Certificate will be awarded to each  person achieving a Club Standard in each of the 6 Catagories.

Details of qualifying times by gender and age for Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Standards are available below:

You can check what standards you have achieved below.

Please note, the information displayed in the table is the FIRST time you achieved the standard, not your current PB.

It Is the member’s own responsibility to apply for a Standard by supplying details of their name, date of birth and race details  i.e. name and date of the event as well as their finishing time. The relevant information should either be emailed or passed to a committee member.

To achieve a particular standard the time must be the Standard time or lower.

A runner in the Male 40-45 category, for example, who finishes a half marathon in 1 hours 33 minutes 30 seconds will achieve the Platinum Standard. If his watch ticks over to 1 hours 33 minutes 31 seconds he would only receive the Gold Standard.