Georgina Seakens

I got involved with Boxted runners through friends at the school. I have always been into sport playing hockey regularly as well so was reasonably easy to convince to join inl. Being art of the running club has really helped me with my fitness and I have made some amazing friends. I enjoy being able to help new members and seeing those come through the beginners group complete their first 5 0r 10km is very rewarding. I find it very hard to motivate myself to run alone but running with the group is so motivational and at times it’s not hard work at all. I am not naturally competitive as a runner but enjoy entering some races to keep my motivation going and also to see others achieve their personal milestones.

On the committee my role is to keep the finances in order. I ensure that members have paid for their membership and kit as well as ensuring our Club membership with England athletics is up to date. I regularly take bags of coins to the bank from beginner’s courses and other events. Coaching courses have been paid for through these funds and organised by myself. Having also been a member of a sports club in various committee roles over the years I hope I also bring some experience in club organisation to the committee as well.

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